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Try for free on Shopify5-star rating on shopify app store. Reviewed by high growth shopify merchants

5-Star Rating on Shopify App Store

Trusted by 800+ e-commerce companies around the world

Powerful reporting, Actionable insights

We help you understand what matters most in the journey to grow a multi-million dollar eCommerce business - Customer lifetime value.

Automate Cohort Analysis

Discard long excel macros for cohort analysis.
Automate advanced analysis and unlock key actionable customer insights for a balanced funnel.

Scale acquisition expertly

Know your customer LTV to decide how much can be comfortably spent on acquisition as CAC. Usually, LTV is way higher than AOV of first order.

Identify Top Products

Track Customer retention, Revenue retention over time.
Identify top products which enabled higher repurchases.

Measure what matters

Our platform processes your e-commerce data to generate actionable insights on your customers, products and ads.

Lifetime value of customers

Product repurchases

Facebook Ads Insights

RFM Analysis

Top D2C KPIs

Top Customer segments

Cohort Analysis

Consulting and Support

Industry Benchmarking

Why 800+ brands trust Datadrew

Saves hours of manual reporting!

One of the best apps in the Shopify App Store. Saves hours of manual reporting if you track customer lifetime value. Good options for slicing and dicing by customer cohort, product, etc.

Kyle Hill

Director of Paid Media, KradleMyPet

Must-have for decision making.

This app is quite useful for some analytics and insights into metrics that may otherwise take a lot of spreadsheets and data crunching to come by. Really helps in decision making by having this data at your finger tips.

Desiree Pereira

Founder, Disguise Cosmetics

Eye Opener...

It is so easy to use. I'm not a tech person just a business owner. This was an eye opener and I highly recommend it...for a start-up and bigger ecomm businesses its perfect...thankyou!

Finola Fegan

CEO, Finca Skin Organics

Accurate LTV.

WOW is all I can say. I have spent so much time trying to nail down an accurate LTV and I was amazed at how robust this app is and gives me quality data that I can take action on

Eric Birkemeier

Co-Founder and CMO, Shred Lights

T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U. !

This app does exactly what we were looking for, and it is years we were looking to it on Shopify

Co-founder at Vitaline

Co-Founder at Vitaline

Excellent Support! 5🌟

Great app, the support was very kind and explained everything in detail where I did't exactly get it from the start. In general, the app is very self-explanatory! 5* Great work guys!

Co-founder at Jaegar Fishing